Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sustainable Tourism in Mongolia Magazine

The Official Tourism Magazine in Mongolia
first edition in English 

cover photo by Pro Photo Design studio, J.Batbaatar

Tourism in Mongolia
   Mongol Spirit: History & Challenges (Can Tourism be a tool to empower it?)

Biodiversity of Mongolia
   Biodiversity of Mongolia /WWF/
   Mongolia’s Eastern Steppe: (One of Asia’s last wild places) /WCS/
   Birdlife of Mongolia /Mongolian Ornithological Society/
   The Gobi: Mongolian Gobi is Cradle of Dinosaurs /Amazing Gobi/

Mongolian culture
   Mongolian Buddhism: Past & Present /Glenn Mullin/
    The Legend of the Ger
   AIRAG: The Nomads’ Traditional Beverage /Mongolia Expeditions/
   A Note from Tourist /Extra Tour/
   Naadam Festival /Mon Discovery Tours/
   Horses & Mongolia: A Unique Relationship /Tseren Tours/
   Mongolian Economy (agriculture, mining and tourism)
   Reflections on the Tourism Value Chain /Brian/

Case study
   Taimen Conservation /Taimen Conservation Fund/
   Eco Soum Batshireet /GIZ/
   Nomad Library
   “Rich Mongolia” Project
   Hustai National Park /Hustai/
   “Ar Davhar Peninsula” Eco Camp
   Three Camel Lodge /Nomadic Expeditions/
   Gun Galuut Nature Reserve /GGNR and Selena travel/
   Eco Tourist Camp based on Local Community /New Juulchin/

Events and festivals
   Tsagaan Sar /Mongolian Secret History camp/
   Ice Festival /Active Adventure Tours Mongolia/
   Sunrise to Sunset Marathon /Ultra Mongolia project/
   Gobi Marathon
   Golden Eagle Festival /Nomadic Expeditions/


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